Visit Portland

Portland has been named the most ecological city in the United States. It is pedestrians friendly and boasts many green areas, not to mention the gorgeous nature surrounding it. So, when visiting Portland, why waste your time inside a care or a train?

Travel to Portland

Bus, train, boat or plane. All roads lead to Rome! Well, maybe not, but they definetly lead to Portland.

The story of our city

Portland is a seaport and the largest city in the state of Oregon. The city covers 380 square kilometers and it's the 26th most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 632,309.

The rhythm of Portland

Music plays a big part in the Oregon lifestyle as well as among the different cultures represented in Portland. As a result, the rhythm of Portland reflects the diversity of our country's music - Native American, Contemporary, Rock and roll, Country, Rhythm and blues, Jazz, Pop, Electronic music, and Hip hop.

The good food

Even if you are not a foodie at heart, there is no doubt that food is a top priority, especially when one is traveling. Food is a necessary to have the energy to walk around all day, but it's also an ideal way to discover a specific location's culture. Enjoying a nice meal in a typical restaurant is often an experience to remember, wherever you travel.

Embrace every culture

What a better place to get to know people from all sorts of different cultures than beautiful Portland. The city is open and boasts a rich melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. Native Americans, Hispanics, Arabic, Jewish, Japanese, so many communities are thriving in harmony in Portland.

The weather

Portland mist, this is how Portlanders like to call the rain here.

What to pack

You should always be prepared for a chance of rain when visiting Portland. Like Seattle, our city is known to be one of the cloudiest and wettest cities in the US—not so much because of the amount of rain we get, but because of the number of days with rain.